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Voelkl Firefighting boots in action with 2 firemen of the Dresden fire department.
Firefighting technologies
Primus 21 Sympatex
Primus 21 CS
Primus 21 SP
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Primus 21 Sympatex

Our allround lacing boot Primus 21 Sympatex offers you protection on all important kinds of missions. Its leg height of 23 cm is notable.

VÖLKL Safety Technologies

    VÖLKL Insulation

    text en Our boots have a strong insulation against extreme hot and cold temperatures. Due to the special injection-moulded sole structure, VÖLKL soles contain a thick polyurethane layer with excellent insulation properties. The best insulations values are measured in combination with the natural cork insole. Thus in VÖLKL boots the internal temperature rise after 10 minutes in a 250 ° C hot sand-bath is only + 1.3 ° C. Even in cold insulation test, the results are compelling and exceed the standard (CI) by a many times over.

    VÖLKL Protective midsole

    VÖLKL Protective midsole When you are in a mission you have more important things to watch where you step. Therefore, we have equipped our VÖLKL boots with an anti-perforating, esspecially hardened steel midsole. The midsole is fully surrounded by the injection-moulded rubber and polyurethane layers. The blunt nail test method recreeded by the standards doesn't correspond, in our opinion, to real operating conditions. For really sharp objects a steelmidsole provides the best protection. Steel midsoles are 1 mm thick up to 4 times thinner than Kevlar or composites solutions. This strongly relativizes the supposed weight reduction and flexibility of alternative textile solutions.

    VÖLKL Toe protection

    text en In order to protect your toes VÖLKL uses high quality steel caps, which have been carefully placed in the shoe pinches. The anatomically shaped caps provide maximum freedom for the toe. The final cap is provided with a rubber transition strip to avoid pressure points in the toe area. In the inside, the toes are protected furthermore by an insulating lining against temperature fluctuations.

    VÖLKL Anti-statics

    VÖLKL antistatics Anti-statics, on one hand aims to protect the wearer against electric charges, but on the other is nevertheless supposed to let the wearer know that he is contact with a power source. In addition, the shoe has to discharge the electrostatic charge of the wearer in a controlled way in order to avoid sparks or explosions in flammable atmospheres. Usually firefighting boots lose their decreed anti-static effect when the insoles are replaced with different insoles than the ones from the original manufacturer. Our VÖLKL boots reach anti-statics through the connection of a strongly insulating rubber-PU blend and a conducting strip incorporated in the shaft (see picture). In the conducting strip metal threads are woven, which discharge the electrostatic charge permanently. Thus, anti-statics remains permanently, even if you change the insoles.

    VÖLKL Grip

    VÖLKL grip sole Our soles are moulded from a special non-slip mix of nitrile-rubber. It is not a case, that they fulfill the SRC certification without leaving traces in your hangars for their non-marking properties. Furthermore, they are equipped for a perfect fit on a ladder with a footbridge profiling. They are also resistant to abrasion, oil, petrol and acid.

VÖLKL Comfort Technologies

    VÖLKL Shock absorption

    VÖLKL Shock absorption Thanks to the specific VÖLKL sole concept our boots have extremely good damping properties. The trick: the soles are incection-moulded directly onto the shaft. First of all there is a damping and lightweight, 2 cm thick polyurethane layer. THis layers is enclosed by a 4 mm thick, heat-resistant rubber layer. The special feature here is that the polyurethane layer is distributed throughout the sole, that it absorbs and that it has insulating properties. Thus, joints, spine and intervertebral discs are noticeably relieved.

    VÖLKL Flexibility

    text en VÖLKL boots are designed in order to support your running movements in the front and in the back, but to protect you at the same time from ankle-twisting. In the heel area, we have incorporated a kick pleat, that is compressed when you thread e and therefore avoids uncomfortable pressure points. Our zipper system, in contrast to products of other manufacturers, is not attached to the upper leather. In this way the compressed zip moves forwards when you kneel down instead of making pressure on the instep area.

    VÖLKL Foot climate

    text en The VÖLKL climate system reaches its full effectiveness in between the Sympatex membrane, the pads that are permeable to air and air holes at the upper end of the shaft. The Sympatexmembrane asorbs foot moisture quickly and distributes it in the core of the membrane rapidly all over the surface. The moisture is absorbed thanks to the air circulation by he air-permeable padding materials and is afterwards brought to the outside by the pumping movements which are made by walking. The water vapor can then escape through the airholes on the upper edge of the shaft. Furthermore, the sole inuslates very well against very cold and hot temperatures. So your feet will always feel dry and have the right temperature.

    VÖLKL Simple Care

    text en Our boots are provided with a zipper that can be opened completely. IN this way you can easily clean areas that are hard to reach areas. In addition, the boots have been designed with a minimum number of seams. This not only increases the durability but makes them significantly easier to maintain.

    VÖLKL Lacing system

    text en Our VÖLKL lacing system combines stability with an quick and easy entry. Through one lacing the closure of the boot can be adapted individually to the shape of the foot of the wearer. Once adapted, you only need one touch to close and open the boot. Furthermore, can the zipper flap can be opened completely and easily replaced.

    VÖLKL Light Weight System

    text en Our Völkl firefighting boots are lighter than the ones of commercial competitors. We directly incection-mould our sole and through this construction we get a more convenient blend of less rubber and more Polyeruthan. Since Polyeruthan is much lighter, the total weight of our shoe is redced considerably. The low shaft height of our Primus 21 saves additional weight and relieves the calves significantly.

    VÖLKL Waterproof concept

    text en The waterproofness is guaranteed by VÖLKL guaranteed by a double protective mechanism. On the outside use specially tanned waterproofleather waterrepellant seams than can withstand liquids with a low surface tension. The Sympatex membrane in the inner lining additionally blockes the passage of water without reducing breathability.

VÖLKL Basics

The following product features concern all boots of our fire fighting range.

VÖLKL Pull on loops

VÖLKL Pull on loops They help you get started and allow quick entry. Completely sewn pull-on loops are absolutely tearproof.

VÖLKL Ankle protection

text en Thanks to this technology our shoes mantain their original form even after years of wearing. In addition, this material prevents ankle-twisting.

VÖLKL Scuff cap

VÖLKL scuff caps The rubber toe cap is scratch resistant and a durable protection against the traces of usage. It keeps the leather protected even while kneeling down.

VÖLKL Reflective strips

VÖLKL reflective strips Reflective strips are attached to our boots. This increases the visibility of our forces day and night.

VÖLKL Orthopedic insoles

text en Thanks to our partner Matthias Hartmann, all our firefighting boots can be equipped with orthopedic insoles without affecting negatively the security features.
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