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VÖLKL on mission for our firefighters

During your operations, you need to be able to concentrate fully on your duties. Therefore VÖLKL products are designed to offer you a maximum of protection while being as discrete as possible. Our goal: make you forget that you are wearing shoes: easy to pull on, pleasant foot climate, extraordinary insulation and cushioning are just some of VÖLKL Professional product features. Combining two seemingly contradictory features like a maximum of protection while being as descrete as possible constitutes in other industries the biggest challange, too: the perfect laptop is powerful, yet light and handy, the modern car fast with low fuel consumption.

The key to our success comes from our sole design. As the only manufacturer in the industry, we rely on direct injection moulded soles made out of rubber and polyurethane. Due to the increased proportion of polyurethane in the sole the VÖLKL boots are light, extremely well cushioned and have excellent insulation properties against heat and cold.

VÖLKL a brand you can trust

  • VÖLKL Professional no trade-off: All our firefighting boots meet the highest standards. They exceed by far the requirements specified in the standard EN 15090:2012.
  • Quality Made in Germany: Our firefighting boots are subject to a strict quality control and therefore developed and produced in Germany.
  • Excellent value for money with professional fire fighting boots starting at as less as 70 €
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