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The new VÖLKL ambulance boots, tailored excactly for your needs

VÖLKL: tailored for the ambulance service

The ambulance service fulfills a central role in any healthcare and social system. Every year there are about four times as many ambulance missions as for firefighters. Nevertheless the market for ambulance shoes is not farly as big as the one for firefighter boots. For this reason VÖLKL has developed new rescue boots that are designed for the needs that emerge during ambulance missions. We pay big attention to ensure that you feel comfortable in our boots at any weather condition and even after long and hard missions. Lightness, excellent damping properties and a pleasant foot climate are our three key success factors. In addition, the VÖLKL ambulance boots are made completely out of smooth leather, so that no blood or bacteria can settle permanently.

VÖLKL a brand you can trust

  • Fresh feet in the evening just as in the morning: VÖLKL crosses its skills from their outdoor and their safety shoes. That's why you will feel at your ease in your boots even after long missions and thanks to their lightness, their good insulation and their high breathability.
  • VÖLKL boots protect joints and intervertebral discs: the injection molded soles made of rubber and polyurethane assure an extremely strong damping to relieve your joints and intervertebral discs permanently.
  • VÖLKL boots are easy to clean: thanks to their smooth surface and its removable zip our boots can cleaned easily, also from blood, bacteria etc.
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